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Enhancing live events: New digital experiences

Slash Live is a new breed of production company, combining talented software developers, design professionals and film production specialists. We produce and deliver high end, bespoke live event experiences that connect brands and event promoters with new digital audiences.

With over 8 years experience we simplify all the complexities of live streaming using bespoke software, specialist hardware, scalable server networks, digital marketing tools and individually tailored live players.

Bespoke Video Streaming for Live Events

We have an understanding of the underlying mechanics of video that is instrumental to the development of the latest version of our live streaming software. By adhering to current technologies and developing some of our own, we've various degrees of redundancy specifically built into our software. As a result the events we stream are delivered with success and confidence.

A Live Platform branded to you

Slash Live enables you to take ownership of your brands event online without the limitations of other 3rd party streaming platforms. Our in-house design & development teams create individual players that are unique to your brand, it's audience & participating sponsors.

We provide effective digital marketing tools and engaging social distribution methods for both yourself and your viewers. By simply incorporating into your website, mobile application or marketing campaign, using our platform creates a seamless integration.

Filming & Technical Production

We focus on high production values so for your event we enlist professional & experienced filming crews. We provide all the necessary expertise to get your event to your digital audience. For those who are new to live streaming we can assist you every step of the way. For those experienced in live streaming we can provide technical operators to use our exceptional streaming software who work in collaboration with your own film crews.

From small to large scale productions we have the relevant crews to meet your needs or budget.

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